Duration : 2 Years, as the 1st year for the postgraduate Diploma with the provision for the 2nd year for the Master's degree
course Details :Intake - January every year, English Medium, Classes on Sunday
course Fee : Rs. 200,000.00 for Postgraduate Diploma, Payable in 2 instalments
Rs. 250,000.00 Master's degree, Payable in 2 instalments
Mobile :0112596889 , 0112582666 , +94 768044440 , +94 712713673
Email : [email protected]
coordinator : Professor. D. A. C. Suranga Silva
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Sri Lanka Tourism is rapidly growing towards the pinnacle of world tourism. This industry’s prosperity and sustainability will be determined only through creative decision making, innovative management, effective marketing and responsible leaderships. This can only be achieved through new breeds of industry professionals and decision makers who combine their industry expertise with excellent academic vigor. Developing such caliber of professionals in tourism and hotel management is a national responsibility at the moment. Understanding this national requirement, the University of Colombo, the country’s pioneer higher education leader introduces this Masters / Postgraduate Diploma programme.

The programmen is especially designed to sharpen the knowledge and skills essential for decision makers, policy designers, planners, researchers and hotel managers & marketers of the tourism industry. The programme is intended to provide an ideal platform for Sri Lanka Tourism to reach global excellence.


The Main Objective of the programme is to provide the knowledge and skills in tourism economics and hotel management to those people whose activities will have a positive impact on development of the tourism industry in sustainable manner, but who have as yet not had the opportunity of obtaining a structured understanding and critical analyses of the relevant issues of tourism development and hotel management and related practices. The knowledge and skills are provided in nationally and internationally acceptable and competitive manner.

  • ✔ Hotel managers and officers catering to tourist enterprises.
  • ✔ Tourism sector policy designers, formulators and decision-makers
  • ✔ Government and private organizational officers engaged in tourism activities
  • ✔ Officers and individuals associated with institutions related to tourism.
  • ✔ Personals engaged in supplying supportive and complementary services to the tourism industry.
  • ✔ Marketing and advertising firm executives and media personals engaged in a career with tourism
  • ✔ Key officers engage in providing security for foreign visitors and developing the quality and standards in keeping with international best practices.
  • ✔ Medical and insurance institute officers engaged in providing health services to foreign visitors and tourism institutions.
  • ✔ International and domestic airline managers, holiday destination business owners, tour operators and work staff
  • ✔ Research officers/Extension and field officers in specialized subject fields in tourism and related areas

Admission Criteria
  • ✔ The minimum academic entry qualification is a general degree from a recognized university in Sri Lanka Or
  • ✔ Have A postgraduate diploma or a professional qualification recognized by the University of Colombo as equivalent to a degree Or
  • ✔ Three Year Management Diploma of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) with Two Year (02) Post Qualifying Industry Experience Or
  • ✔ Four Year Management Diploma of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) with more than Two Year Post Qualifying Industry Experience Or
  • ✔ Any other qualifications or experience which demonstrates that a candidate possesses appropriate knowledge and skills at degree level may also be required. And
  • ✔ Good working knowledge of English and the applicants must satisfy the University that they have sufficiently competent in the English language.

Structure of the Programme
A. Compulsory Modules:
  • DTEHM C501: Tourism Operation for Destination Development
  • DTEHM C502: Tourism Marketing and Destination Promotion
  • DTEHM C503: Hotel & Resort Operations and Consumer Service Development
  • DTEHM C504: Tourism Economics and Practical Applications
  • DTEHM C505: Human Resource Management for Tourism Development
  • DTEHM C506: Tourism Planning and Development Administration
  • DTEHM C507: Statistical Analysis and Accountancy
  • DTEHM C508: Applications of GIS, Information Technology and E-Tourism

B. Optional Course Modules for Specialization:
  • DTEHM S501: Ecotourism and Tourism Typologies
  • DTEHM S502: Travel Agency and Tour Operation
  • DTEHM S503: Media and Advertising Management in Tourism
  • DTEHM S504: Finance Management for Tourism Managers
  • DTEHM S505: MICE Tourism and Event Management
  • DTEHM S506: Tourism Product Designing and Quality Advancement
  • DTEHM S507: Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism
  • DTEHM S508: Health and Wellness Tourism

C. Extended Desertarían (DTEHM-EE)
  • MTEHM 1: Advanced Research Methodology
  • MTEHM 2: Data Analysis
    Thesis Writing
  • DTEHM S503: Media and Advertising Management in Tourism
  • MTEHM 3: Best Tourism Practices for Global Competitive Edge
  • MTEHM 4A: Strategic Hotel Management and Applications
  • MTEHM 4B: Strategic Travel Management and Applications

  • MTEHM 1: Advanced Research Methodology
  • MTEHM 2: Data Analysis
  • MTEHM 3: Best Tourism Practices for Global Competitive Edge
  • MTEHM 4: Professional Development and Management Leadership
  • MTEHM 5A: Strategic Hotel Management and Applications
  • MTEHM 5B: Strategic Travel Managementand Applications
  • MTEHM6: Project Appraisal and Advanced Financial Analysis
    Project Report Writing

"Academic Excellence and Professional Recognition for Tourism and Hotel Management"