Duration :6 Months
course Details :Intake - January every year, English Medium, Classes on Sunday
course Fee : Rs. 65,000.00 Payable in 3 installments
Mobile :0112596889 , 0112582666 , +94 768044440 , +94 712713673
Email : [email protected]
Academic Coordinator : Professor. D. A. C. Suranga Silva
Project Co-ordinator : Mr. T. B. B. Sumith - 0712713673
Industry Co-ordinator : Chinthana Duminduhewa - 0777391740
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Department of Economics seeks the permission of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts and Senate of the University of Colombo to offer an Certificate Course in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management (CSTDM). at the Departments of Economics, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.

Tourism development is more than just a powerful economic benefit. The tourism industry is inherently multifaceted and interdependent industry, connected with socio-economic, cultural and natural environment of the country. Therefore, sustainable tourism is based on trio-fundamental requirement of sustainable development, namely Maximizing Economic Benefits while Maintaining Ecological Balance and Community Well-Being simultaneously.

The biggest challenge facing with tourism development in Sri Lanka at present is lack of application of sustainability practices in tourism development, though tourism development continues to grow exponentially. On the other, what many are unable to realize is that sustainability itself is also a great opportunity for higher economic benefits with green growth. Furthermore, the tourism industry’s prosperity is mainly determined only through the creative decision making, innovative management, effective marketing and responsible leadership Therefore, this CSTDM is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare the students for leadership roles in tourism organizations looking to commit to sustainable practices. The CSTDMM is to provide a strategic management skills and competencies in sustainable destination management along with practical applications.

Minimum requirements for course enrolment:

Qualifications: Six passes in the GCE (OIL) Examination with four credit passes including Mathematics and English or Any other qualification approved by the University of Colombo and fluency in English

Programme Content:
  • Introduction to Sustainable Tourism Development and SDG Application
  • Tourism Typologies and Dynamics
  • Marketing and Product Designing for Sustainable Tourism
  • Resource Management for Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Destination Management and Planning for Sustainable Tourism
  • Partnership and Cooperate Sustainability
  • Sustainable Audit and Certification
  • Tourism Projects and Best Practices for Sustainable Tourism
  • Project Report Writing