Duration : 1 Years
course Details :Intake - January every year, English Medium, Classes on Sunday
course Fee : Rs. 125,000.00 Payable in 2 instalments
Mobile :0112596889 , 0112582666 , +94 768044440 , +94 712713673
Email : [email protected]
coordinator : Professor. D. A. C. Suranga Silva
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The DTTEHM is a multi-disciplinary diploma level programme. It is specially designed to respond for the increasing demand for multi-skilled travel and tourism professionals who are able to take responsibility for a wide range of complex industry processes by improving their knowledge through an interactive and application-oriented approach to meet the present challenges of global trends in the travel and tourism industry. The diploma provides practical and analytical competence in socio-economic, ecological, marketing, managerial, accounting, information technological and legal aspects of travel and tourism industry.

Admission Criteria
  • ✔ Three (03) passes at the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination or its equivalent. Preference will be given to those who possess adequate experience in the relevant field
  • ✔ G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination or its equivalent and possess adequate experience in the relevant field.

Target Group

The programme is designed to cater to those who are actively involved in various activities related to the Travel & Tourism Economics and Hotel Management industry. They may belong to various training, educational backgrounds and disciplines, e.g., they may be engaged in airline ticketing, working as tourist guides, catering services, the entertainment and leisure industry, hotel industry.

Course Structure

The Diploma in Travel & Tourism Economics and Hotel Management consists of eight (8) multi disciplinary courses and a project report. The total contact time is 400 hours including project report supervision. In addition there shall be seminars, workshops and field trips. Participants are expected to spend at least 600 hours on self-studies and assignments.

The faculty teaching the courses will be encouraged to discuss practical aspects of Travel &Tourism Economics and Hotel Management to the maximum possible extent.

A practical component will be introduced through the mandatory requirement of a project report as a part of the examination process. Students will be instructed to develop a project in the field and write a report on it to complete the examination requirements.

  • ✔ To improve the quality of tourism related products and services.
  • ✔ To enhance career prospects of those engaged in the industry and new comers
  • ✔ To analyse tourism related issues and formulate strategies to promote the tourism industry
  • ✔ Enhance the benefits of the tourism for community and small holders by qualifying them with necessary skills to enter this industry.

  • ✔ DTTEHM 01: Economics of Travel and Tourism
  • ✔ DTTEHM 02: Travel and Tourism Marketing
  • ✔ DTTEHM 03: Accountancy and Statistical Analysis
  • ✔ DTTEHM 04: Travel and Tourism Operations
  • ✔ DTTEHM 05: Sri Lanka in the Context of Global Tourism
  • ✔ DTTEHM 06: Hotel Management and Human Resource Development
  • ✔ DTTEHM 07 Applications of Information & Communication Technology in Travel and Tourism
  • ✔ DTTEHM 08: Planning and Project Evaluation

Workshops, guest lectures, seminars, and field trips covering theoretical and practical issues in the industry are also part of the course.